Give us a piece of your mind and you could become a cheese-maker!

If you have any useful thoughts or insights, praise or criticisms to share about Tassievore 2015 we would love to hear them.

All you have to do is fill in our short (5 minute) survey and you could win a Mad Millie Italian cheese-making kit thanks to our friends at Teros.

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May we name-drop? Matthew Evans. Thanks.

Dear Tassievores,

Well done.tassievore-110

We are very chuffed indeed with your splendid efforts of this past month.

We hope you have discovered new flavours, new growing techniques and strengthened connections with your community.

One thing that we are sure of is that you have made a difference to our local economy, and helped our farmers and producers grow more confident in our island marketplace.

So, now to the name dropping…

matthew-evans-gourmet-farmeThe Living Local feast is on again on Saturday April 11th 6-9.30pm at Mathers House in Hobart and the special guest speaker is Matthew Evans! That’s right the Gourmet Farmer himself minus the recently added boat.

If you would like to attend ($30-50 for a three course 100% Tasmanian meal!) or volunteer to help out please visit the eventbrite page.

Lissa is also very keen to hear from you if you have any backyard tomatilloes or avocadoes – as the feast goes Mexican this year! You can contact her through the form on the eventbrite page.

Prizes, prizes, prizes

By now you will have worked out that we like to shower our loyal locavores with all sorts of Tasmanian delights and we have the last few challenge prizes to announce:

Grand Prize winner (for showing her true Tassievore colours and changing her profile pic for March):

parsons bay retreatJasmin Starr! She wins a 2 night stay at the lovely Parsons Bay Retreat on the Tasman Peninsula and a three course meal at the on-site local-produce-focused restaurant.

Tassievore feast prize winners (#tassievorefeast):

Deb Hewson wins a gourmet platter for two at Stonesthrow Restaurant in Launceston

Barb Dunford Halloran wins two tickets to the Living Local Feast in Hobart.

Tassievore kids MoveWellEatWell prize winners (#tassievorekids)tassievorekids

Perth Primary school and Albuera Street win the MoveWellEatWell prize of a CD from the Vegetable Plot. Warning: these lyrics are very catchy and you may be caught singing “avocado, enjoy one in the morning or the arvo” at any point after listening.

***If you are part of a school who did something for #tassievorekids during March let us know ASAP  as we are going to draw the other prizes very soon! (

Thanks to everyone who for joined us in our facebook adventure!! It’s fair to say we’re still not quite sure about those hashtags but it was worth a try.

What’s next?

terosBefore we clock off for a few months of winter hibernation we are really keen to hear from you! We will be sending out a survey later in April to find out what you thought about the challenge, what we could do better, whether you’d like to see it happen again in 2016 and whether you have any innovative ideas for future challenges or partnerships.

teros logoTo give you a bit of an incentive the generous souls at Teros in Hobart have donated a Mad Millie Italian cheese making kit – so you can make your own Tassievore Italian style cheese!! Delicious. All you have to do is fill out the survey when it gets sent out (we’ll get it to you via facebook, wordpress and mailchimp) and leave some contact details.

So get your thinking caps on!