That’s Plumtastic!

That’s Plumtastic!

It’s that time of year, fruit feasting season! The farmers markets and backyard orchards are laden with fruit and Tassievores are spoilt for choice with an abundance of tasty fresh fruits to eat and cook with. Here are some Plum-tastic recipes to help inspire you with your plum picking and fruit feasting if like me you have an overabundance of plums from you backyard orchard and gardens. Many thanks to Tassievores below who suggested the recipes on the Tassievore Facebook page – keep the suggestions coming!


  •  We love plum jam, plum crumble or just plain old eating them fresh from the tree, Kerry
  • Jam or plum sauce and if you can;t be bothered doing it now… freeze them for a later date whe you have timee!! Also I just made a pie and it worked well (along the same lines as an apple one) ENJOY, Jane
  • My Mum knows a recipe for an awesome sour plum cake/tart thingie. Sublime cake type base with plums cut in half insides facing up pushed down a bit in the base and some other secret bit., Louise
  •  Spicy plum sauce for pork. Worcestershire sauce. I have also tasted some great plum wine, but never made it myself. For the pork sauce, just add brown sugar and stacks of chilli, ginger, kafir lime and garlic. Freeze the sauce in batches to use in winter. Dylan
  • Clafouti with plums! Christina
  • I’m making this recipe now Amelie’s Famous Plum Cake (Kouign Amann Lili
  • Bottle them and eat them all year with muesli for breakfast, Sally

I hope you enjoy the suggestions and please post if you have any more for the rest of the Tassievores to share.


Tassie crumpets!

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, and crumpets are pretty much the ultimate comfort food.  The recipe below is borrowed and modified from an old CWA cookbook (thanks ladies!!) – I love it because no matter what I do wrong it still works beautifully. I’m not known for my pinpoint accuracy when it comes to baking, and my culinary blunders with this recipe have included adding too much milk, forgetting the salt entirely, proving it at a temperature slightly below freezing, and wandering off on it while it was rising and returning 24 hours later. Continue reading


Definition: n, a condition in which an individual is afraid of a sudden and vertiginous drop off in muesli supply.

I have a confession: I am a muesli fanatic. It is my sole breakfast-foodie joy for much of the year, with the exception of porridge on those crispy winter mornings. When I travel I get unfashionably excited about muesli varieties that are available in other countries. Britain and Scandinavia are the top destinations for anyone who is interested (there must be others out there like me surely??). Continue reading