Week 1 challenge #tassievorefoodforager

The mini-challenge for the first week #tassievorefoodforager is all about seeking out Tasmanian food and drinks…whether an old apple tree on the side of the road, a bottle of wine you haven’t tried before, or a recipe that has tweaked your interest.  We think it’s a great excuse to try something new or to seek out places that have a treasure trove of Tasmanian goodies on offer.

So get out there foraging and please let us know what you find!


Max Otto Abbie

If you read on we have a few tasty digital treats for you.

Here’s the summary:

  • Your chance to win a Field Guide to Tasmanian produce (facebook competition) and week 1 of the challenge
  • Our fabulous newly updated market and farmers market spreadsheet (feel free to share with all those Excel fanatics in your life – you might convince them to Tassievore too!)
  • Getting kids involved – Schools challenge
  • Focus on Eat Well Tasmania’s Veg It Up campaign and the Veg Pledge – and it even has its own hashtag!! #vegitup

Win a Field Guide to Tasmanian Produce and week 1 #tassievorefoodforager

To celebrate the final few days before Tassievore month we have a facebook competition up and running – like and share our page by March 1st and you could win yourself a copy of the wonderful Field Guide to Tasmanian Produce!!

If you haven’t heard of it, it is basically like a travel guide for committed Tassievores and lists all the little spots that you can go to around the state to become a pro-tassievore food forager. Don’t forget to #tassievore!

The best bit is that the first week of the challenge is all about being a #tassievorefoodforager so we’re really giving the lucky winners a huge leg up. No need to thank us – you’re welcome.

Oh and it’s pretty too – here’s a happy snap:

field guide to tasmanian produce

Make sure you share your foraging stories with us during the first week of Tassievore month– we have some great prizes to win (e.g. Tour of 41 degrees South Salmon and Ginseng Farm or a voucher from Harvest Feast!). You can share with us on facebook (#tassievorefoodforager) or, if you are a pre or post facebooker, you can send your stories and pictures to taslocavore@gmail.com. You can mail them to us as well, but we’re guessing that if you are reading this on the web then email or facebook are probably more your thing….

Markets and farmers markets of Tasmania #tassievorefoodforager

For those of you who don’t end up smugly toting around a Field Guide to Tasmanian Produce we have a new state-wide market list available as a spreadsheet on our shopping and cooking page – so once again we are easing your journey to local food foraging success.  It also acts as a handy segway to talking Tassievore with all your Excel spreadsheet loving amigos.

Schools challenge #tassievorekids

This year we really wanted to find a way to get more kids involved in eating and enjoying Tasmanian produce and, lucky for us, our friends from the Eat Well Tasmania Kids Coalition were excited to give us a hand.

The result is the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Schools Challenge.

The idea is that primary school students will get out and about and challenge themselves to learn more about Tasmanian produce and our incredible growers and producers, or even just get busier growing their own.

There are lots of tips for getting involved in our schools flyer which has been sent round to all schools but (just in case) you may want to print a copy and get your darling littluns to indulge in some worthy pester power! “Please Miss/Ms/Mr/Mrs Tasmania-loving-teacher???” Or you can try skipping the middleman/child and pester the teacher yourself!

Primary school classes that share their stories with us via email (taslocavore@gmail.com)or on facebook  (#tassievorekids) can go in the running to win a celebrity visit, a tassievore cooking workshop or, for MoveWellEatWell schools only CDs from the fabulous Vegetable Plot (stars of this years Sydney festival and winner of the Kids Fringe award at the Sydney Fringe 2014). What better way to celebrate Tasmanian vegetables than to serenade them with some vegetably appropriate tunes!

Veg It Up!!!

Just when you thought we couldn’t squeeze another hashtag into the newsletter here we go again: #vegitup

The VegItUp campaign is on now!!

If you haven’t heard about it VegItUp is Eat Well Tasmania’s campaign to get Tasmanians eating more of our delicious vegetables by taking the Veg Pledge (to eat an extra serve of veg a day for eight weeks).

To keep up with the action all you have to do is follow @EatWellTasmania on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or You Tube.

The good news is that there are some great prizes to be won and it’s as easy as sharing your favourite vegetable or vegetable dish on one of the social media platforms above and using the hashtag #vegitup

Prizes include cooking classes from Sally Wise, Otis Beanery and the Agrarian kitchen, plus some more Field Guides to Tasmanian Produce (you can have another little gaze at the picture above if you like – sigh – so lovely…)

We should probably also say that the Executive Officer of Eat Well Tasmania is on the Tassievore team but when you are encouraging people to eat and enjoy more vegetables there is really no conflict of interest that we can see.

That’s it for now Tassievoresters!

Thanks again to our team and the organisations and businesses that they represent:

Sustainable Living Tasmania

Produce to the People

Eat Well Tasmania (including the Eat Well Tasmania Kids Coalition: MoveWellEatWell; Family Food Patch and Breastfeeding Coalition Tasmania)

The Heart Foundation

The Tasmanian Canteen Association

The University of Tasmania

Urban Harvest Tasmania

Stanton B and B


2015 LIVING LOCAL FEAST – Tickets on sale now

Join us for a 100% Tasmanian 3 course meal to celebrate the finale of the 2015 Tassievore Eat Local Challenge.  We even dehydrate sea water to make the salt!

Saturday, 11 April from 6pm in Hobart. Tickets available online now.


Join us for a fabulous evening celebration of Tasmanian food!

Sustainable Living Tasmania in a not-for-profit organisation, which has been working throughout Tasmania for over 40 years. Our vision is for Tasmania to become a place the rest of the world looks to for inspiration on living happy, healthy and sustainable lives.  The Tassievore Eat Local Challenge is just one of the projects we are currently running to help create a more sustainable and prosperous Tasmanian community!

On 11 April, we will be cooking up a glorious feast, showcasing the amazing produce that Tassie has to offer and our bar will be stocked with some of Tasmania’s finest beer, wine and non-alcoholic brews.  There will be an auction of gourmet Tassie Treats, with all proceeds going to support our work.

Want to contribute?

We are looking for Tasmanian artists and producers to contribute items for our gourmet auction. If you have something that is homemade, home grown, created by you or showcases our beautiful state, we would love to hear from you!

We need volunteers on the day to help with preparing the food and venue for the feast as well as during the feast itself. If you are able to help between 10 – 5:30 pm or between 5 – 10:30 pm, please email lissa@slt.org.au.

dessert web

Countdown to Tassievore 2015 – locally grown all the way down to the hashtags #tassievore

It is less than a month until Tassievore 2015 and we are so excited (just like when you find your first ripe tomatoes)!


To cut the suspense here is a list of what you will find if you read on:

  • Our weekly challenges for March
  • How you can get involved!
  • Our new and improved Tassievore Team
  • Your invite to our launch picnic in Hobart

Ok so, drum roll……

The 2015 challenges, complete with ultra on-trend hashtags, are:

Week 1 – Become a local food forager – discover a new place to buy Tasmanian produce or find it where you shop already.

  • #tassievorefoodforager

Week 2 – Grow fresh fruit and vegetables for yourself

  • #tassievoregrower

Week 3 – Support a local business that uses Tasmanian produce

  • #tassievorebusiness

Week 4 – Feast with your family and friends on great Tassie produce

  • #tassievorefeast

Our overall hashtag is #tassievore so if you aren’t sure, or if your post ticks all the challenge boxes just share the #tassievore love.

Anyone who shares their stories and pictures with us during the challenges will go in the draw for some great prizes including accommodation, books, growers’ calendar, tickets to the Living Local Feast and some other Tassievore treats.

Now we expect that you are also incredibly excited and just itching to get involved so here are our top ideas for doing just that!:

  • Send us your tips for being a Tassievore – what are your favourite recipes, restaurants, Tassievore friendly businesses, markets, events, farmers or producers. Like us on facebook and share your stories and photos during the challenge. If you don’t use facebook you can email us at taslocavore@gmail.com
  • Tell your friends about the Tassievore challenge – the more the merrier!
  • Check out the shopping and cooking page for recipes and places to buy Tasmanian food and drinks and visit the blog role (i.e scroll down) for inspiring stories from the previous challenges
  • If you are feeling technological why not use our hashtags on facebook or twitter – sadly we’re not 100% sure what they do but it seemed like a good idea at the time.
  • Do you have anything you could offer as a prize to entice other would-be Tassievores? We are totally volunteer run and a bit stretched to purchase fabulous prizes. Fortunately we aren’t too proud to beg.
  • If you need a small project in your life you could download and print the ‘We support Tassievore’ sign on the back of our e-flyer and stick them in your window or take a happy snap and share it on facebook or twitter. It should look something like this: Tassievore support poster
  • If you are a teacher or have kids at primary school why not try the Tassievore schools challenge – brought to you by our Tassievore partners (listed below) and MoveWellEatWell. If you share your stories with us your school can go in the running for a celebrity visit, a Tassievore cooking class and, for MoveWellEatWell schools only, a CD from the fabulous Vegetable plot (rumours are that once you hear these tunes you’ll be singing about vegetables for weeks!).  For all the details about the schools challenge click here. And the hashtag? #tassievorekids of course!
  • Finally we would love to hear from you if you have some time and energy to help us promote the Tassievore Eat Local Challenge within your local community and networks, for example: Taking posters around, recruiting your friends and colleagues and/or encouraging local eateries to highlight Tassie produce or even getting involved in the organising committee.

Our 2015 Challenge has attracted a few new fabulous team members and supporting organisations. We are thrilled to have Leah Galvin from the Heart Foundation, Nenita Orsino from Eat Well Tasmania, Julie Dunbabbin from the Tasmanian School Canteen Association, and Lisa West from Stanton B & B all on board this year! And we are so grateful that Penelope Dodd of Produce to the People, Kym Blechynden of Urban Farming Tasmania, Sandy Murray from the University of Tasmania, Lissa Villeneuve of Sustainable Living Tasmania, Serena King, Pen Clark and Caitlin Saunders are all still committed Tassievores for 2015.

We would also like to say a huge thankyou to our friends from Move Well Eat Well and the rest of the Eat Well Tasmania Kids Coalition (i.e. Family Food Patch and Breastfeeding Coalition Tasmania) for partnering with us on the schools challenge. We are so excited to see what stories those budding primary-school Tassievores have to share with us.

Last but not least here is: Your invite to the Tassievore Launch at SLTs Pears and Flares Picnic in Hobart (RSVP by Feb 23rd – see invite for details)

Stay tuned for our next post which will be at the start of the challenge and send lots of happy thoughts and vibes to our gorgeous support organisations:

Sustainable Living Tasmania

Produce to the People

Eat Well Tasmania (EWT)

The Heart Foundation

The Tasmanian School Canteen Association (TSCA)

The University of Tasmania

Urban Harvest Tasmania

Stanton B and B

and supporting the Tassievore schools challenge as part of the Eat Well Tasmania Kids Coaltion (alongside TSCA and EWT):

Move Well Eat Well

Family Food Patch

Breastfeeding Coalition Tasmania