Our vision is for a happy, healthy, sustainable and prosperous Tasmania.  The Tassievore Eat Local Challenge is a simple, fun and delicious way to get involved.

Who are we?

The “Tassievores” – We are a group of Tasmanians, who are challenging ourselves, and all Tasmanians, to reconnect with our local food supply and to support Tasmanian producers and businesses.  Because cooking and eating food is a pleasurable part of each day, and we are lucky enough to live somewhere where the food is amazing, this seemed like a good place to start.  So for the month of March 2015 (and beyond) we are committing to enjoy more Tasmanian food and shop with local businesses more often. We plan to share our stories along the way and hope that you will join us.

How will we do this?
For our 2015 challenge we are promoting four mini-challenges – stay in the loop by following our facebook page or signing up for our newsletter. You can also get an overview by checking out our 2015 flyer.

The challenges for are:

week 1: #tassievorefoodforager – discover a new place to buy Tasmanian produce or find it where you currently roam

week 2: #tassievoregrower – grow fresh fruit and vegetables for yourself

week 3: #tassievorebusiness – support a business that uses local produce

Week 4: #tassievorefeast – feast with your family and friends on all the Tasmanian produce that you’ve been enjoying.

We are also running a schools challenge in collaboration with the Eat Well Tasmania Kids Coalition aptly titled #tassievorekids. Find out more on our schools challenge flyer.

If you share your stories with us via facebook or email ( you can go in the running for some great prizes.

We are simply looking for people to challenge themselves to do more than they are currently to support Tasmanian farmers, producers and businesses and to live locally.

Why do this?
Looking to the future, we believe it is important that Tasmanians learn to live from locally produced foods.  This is a starting point in the process. We will take on this challenge and encourage as many other Tasmanians as possible to join us for the journey. Whilst doing so we will document our stories on our facebook page and work with Tasmanian producers, retailers and eateries to promote Tassie food and help make it easier to find. We wish to create demand for the local food industry and, in the process, support sustainable living and a vibrant, connected Tasmanian community.

What are we aiming to achieve?

  • Increased knowledge and skills in sourcing, growing and preparing Tasmanian foods.
  • Increased consumption of local foods as a proportion of overall food consumption (i.e getting more Tasmanians to make the most of our fabulous produce)
  • Greater promotion of Tasmanian producers and supporting businesses
  • Reduced carbon footprint of food
  • More connected food system
  • Greater understanding of the gaps which currently exist in Tasmania’s food supply.

Have we done this sort of thing before?

Yep. We started off in late 2012 with a six month challenge (ending in May 2013). It was a big effort but we learnt a lot along the way. In 2014 we changed tack and chose the month of March as Tassievore month and promoted four mini-challenges with weekly prizes and a few other spot prizes along the way. it was lots of fun and we enjoyed hearing from all our fellow Tassievores from across the state.

In 2013 we compiled a comprehensive list of local growers and suppliers to make accessing local food easier and restaurants that use local foods in their dishes and this can be found on our shopping and cooking page. It hasn’t been updated but still has plenty of useful information. Luckily for us the Field institute has also launched The Field Guide to Tasmanian Produce which is full to the brim of fantastic Tasmanian restaurants, farmers and producers. We have also compiled a list of markets and farmers markets where Tasmanian produce can be found.

The inaugural six month challenge also gave us the opportunity to run workshops on eating locally in each region supported by an ‘earn your stars’ grant from the Tasmanian Climate Change Office. The workshops focused on ways of preparing your own food that help to reduce your energy consumption. We also organised a series of farm tours and re-skilling workshops; a Tassievore bicycle trail; Totally Tassie Picnic and lots of other fun Tassievore things.

How can you get involved?
Follow (and interact with) us on facebook or twitter @tassievore, and/or sign up to our newsletter, then commit to eating more locally either by taking on our mini-challenges or by designing your own.

Let us know of  your experiences, favourite places to purchase Tasmanian produce, local producers or restaurants doing ‘Tassievore’ food well.

Last but not least spread the word!


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  3. Why don’t you guys check out Lochaven Australia Farm shop in Burnie. They are on F/B as Lochaven Produce. They source all their produce in Tassie and only go mainland if they can’t source here. They refuse to sell any produce which is not Aussie.

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