Zucchinis…. Zucchinis… Zucchinis… My bittersweet nightmare!

zucchini plant 

Every year, I make the same mistake. I really only need two zucchini plants to feed my household, share some with my neighbours, and delight in the delicacy of stuffed zucchini flowers… Alas, I was lazy this year; I purchased a punnet of seedlings (instead of propagating from seed) which had 5 very healthy looking plants in it.  I couldn’t find anyone to share them with, couldn’t bring myself to throw them out, and so planted the lot… What was I thinking?!?

I also try very hard to maintain my zero produce waste policy in my garden, and so now am overwhelmed with what I have diagnosed as zucchini induced anxiety. I think most backyard gardeners will know where I am coming from!

There is no cure, symptoms will persist until zucchini production slows (probably late march?). 

So far, my strategies for allaying symptoms have been:

  • First and foremost, trying to get out to the garden every day to harvest them, one missed day could mean a huge zucchini, and double the quantity to use= double the anxiety!
  • Zucchini slice (of course), I think I’m up to batch #5
  • Grilled zucchini with melted cheese (a match made in heaven)
  • Steamed zucchini with everything
  • Zucchini and haloumi fritters
  • Zucchini flowers stuffed with goats cheese and anything else
  • Pan fried garlicky, buttery zucchini goodness
  • Chocolate zucchini cake (using the ‘spice’ cocoa and honey)
  • Zucchini pasta
  • Bringing zucchini into the office for colleagues to take home
  • Visiting neighbours (although, they are more often than not trying to give them away as well…)

 What do you do with excess zucchini?  Posting any ideas you have as a comment would be really, really great – I’m desperate! There is only so much zucchini slice one little tassievore can eat…!!

zucchini flowers choc zucchini cake


The Pleasure of Unexpected Discoveries!

 Whenever I speak to anyone about undertaking this challenge, most people’s first reaction is to say but that means no sugar, no rice, no bananas, no ……

 I like to take a different (glass is half full) perspective.  I am so excited about the range of incredible food that we DO have in Tasmania. Berries and cherries to be reckoned with, countless varieties of potatoes, an enormous variety of other fruit and veg, locally grown wheat (made into flour using a windmill- how’s that for a bonus!), organic oats, linseeds and quinoa, Olives and oil, every type of honey you could ever want; beautiful free range, organic happy meat of all types and don’t get me started on the choice we have when it comes to the dairy group…! And the wine… oh the wine!!!

 In fact (with a few exceptions) most of what we can’t access in this resourceful little state is processed, packaged less healthy food.  Halleluiah to that I say!

 My favorite new hobby (obsession) is to find new goodies that I can add to the ‘can have’ list.  And each little unexpected find is just so exciting!!!

 Some of my favorite discoveries so far include:

  • Taking my Grandma (visiting from Victoria) for a leisurely Sunday drive down the channel, through Kettering and finding this AMAZING chocolate shop called ‘The Nutpatch’ (not expecting to find much Tasmanian produce- just delicious locally made chocolates!) and happening upon a supply of Tasmanian Hazelnuts to get me through the challenge! 
  • Wandering Salamanca Market and discovering a source of Tasmanian dried blueberries
  • My friend informing me that you can get Tasmanian Apple Juice Concentrate from Live Life in South Hobart- great in ice cream!
  • Stumbling across Tasmanian grown green tea
  • hearing that you can now access Tassie Wakame

I’m busily putting together a list of what foods are commonly available in Tasmania at the moment, I will add it to the site soon! in the meantime, feel free to comment and let me know about your favourite Tassie products- I can make sure they are on my list!

Announcing our delicious new partner…

The Tassievore team is very excited to announce a new partnership with Madi and crew at the Farm Gate Market.  Over the next 6 months, Tassievores and Farm Gate Market will work together to ensure that the challenge is tasty, achievable, fun and far reaching. 

We are so lucky in Hobart to have a one stop shop for all things Tasmanian every Sunday morning (and soon to be every Saturday morning in Bellerive- just in time for Eastern Shore dwellers to join the challenge!). 

It is organisations like Tas Farm Gate that are making eating locally so easy and delicious.  They provide a community connection for local growers as well as an opportunity to cut out the middle man and sell direct to the public.  We would like to thank Farm Gate for their support, and look forward to working together to create a dynamic and successful local food web across Southern Tasmania.

Watch this space to see what exciting plans we have for all you Tassievores out there!