Shopping and Cooking

Some resources for creating delicious Tasmanian meals

In 2013, we created a Directory of Local Food Retailers, with support from an Earn Your Stars Grant from the Tasmanian Government which we have saved here along with some other useful resources for being a Tassievore.


In 2015, we are dedicating the month of MARCH as Tassievore month.  Below are some of our favourite recipes from the very first Tassievore Challenge, when a group of us pledged to eat almost exclusively Tasmanian fare for 6 months!  Most of these recipes feature 100% Tasmanian ingredients, but the Challenge is just about doing more than you currently do, so have fun with it and please share your standout recipes with us!


9 thoughts on “Shopping and Cooking

  1. Hi there – you have a typo in your Store Directories South section: you have written Howarth in both the title and web address of the Howrah Garden Centre. Just saying…!!

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  4. You have left out Eatem Organics in the list of stores (don’t know what stall number they are but they should not be forgotten), and Eumarrah should have that they do bulk whole foods mentioned (the description listed doesn’t do them justice)

    • Thanks for the tips Karin. we did the guide last challenge and it was based mostly on what the stores shared with us, but certainly if we do future directories we will keep your comments in mind.

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