For everyone traveling to Falls this week – get ready for a blast!!

We’ve checked in with the onsite caterers and to be honest, there isn’t a lot of Tassievore catering going on.  Tornado Potato use potatoes grown just around the corner from the Marion Bay Falls festival site for their deep fried goodness and Top Nosh use Tassie grown mushrooms for their tempura.  And that’s all we know about!  We were a little slow in contacting the awesome Falls crew regarding adequate Tassievore options, sorry about that.  We’ll work with the coordinators at Marion Bay to try and ensure future Falls caterers consider using local produce more widely.

So – to self cater! Put ice in the Eski and try to keep meat 4 degrees or below.  Consider making oat bars with local nuts and dried fruit or bake a loaf of fruit bread (we have a spiced spelt loaf in the recipe section of our website!) for a quick, easy to store breakfast.  Apples, stone fruits and berries are all available, but make sure they don’t get squished in the commute! meals like the veggie quinoa stirfry in the recipe section of our website can be made pre-Falls and stored in an airtight container in the Eski.  Do you have any other ideas to share for Tassievore meals that travel and store well? Whether you are going to Falls, or away camping with your nearest and dearest this is a good opportunity to put some extra thought into what you will take to eat, and how it can be stored safely.  Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section below!

If you are going to Falls – hope to see you there.  I’m especially excited to see Ballpark Music, Oh Mercy, Hot Chip and Boy & Bear – they were the stars of the show two years ago!

Until next time, stay excellent.

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