A very Tassie Christmas and 2015!

Wishing everyone a fantastic end to 2014 and start to 2015!tassievore-105

We hope all your gardens are thriving on the cool wet start to summer and that you will have plenty to harvest in March! Why? Because we are going all Tassievore again for the entire month!

There will be four mini-challenges and plenty of Tasmanian treats to win (including a nights accommodation in the beautiful Derwent Valley!!).

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smoked salmon dish


So why not try to challenge yourself for the month of March 2015 to eat, grow and buy Tasmanian produce?


Here are some of our tips to keep you busy until March:


Start growing your own, so in March, you will be eating produce fresh from your backyard. Look at where you can buy Tasmanian produce – maybe from a local grocery store, nearby farm gate, co-op or farmers’ market, or you could join a box scheme to have fresh, local fruit and veggies delivered to your front door!!


Have a think about what activities would your school like to run in March to promote Tasmanian produce and businesses. Maybe your class could visit a local farmer, or use produce from the schools’ garden to cook up a feast? We will be sending out some more information and tips when the 2015 school year starts so keep your eyes peeled. Your school could win a visit from a celebrity guest thanks to the Tasmanian School Canteen Association and The Eat Well Tasmania Kids Coalition, and Move Well Eat Well schools will be eligible for other prizes too. Time to get excited!!

 Local Businesses

How are you going to promote Tasmanian produce in your business? Support the local economy by encouraging links with Tasmanian producers, using fresh seasonal produce in restaurants/ cafes and advertising your commitment to “going local”.

All the best for a very Tassie Christmas and 2015!

The Tassievore team xxx