Only a few days of feasting left!

Dear Tassievores,

Are you enjoying yourselves? We certainly are!

tassievore-77This is a super-quick update to say thanks to all of you who have emailed, tweeted or facebooked us over the past few weeks. It is always a pleasure to see the Tassie-passion-ometer going sky-high.

As you may have realised the final #tassievorefeast week is a trifle longer than a week but, as it was all about enjoying yourselves with Tasmanian produce, we thought you wouldn’t mind.

This post has 3 primary functions:

  1. Announce the winners for #tassievorebusiness (week 3)
  2. Alert you to the survey (and prize from Teros) that will be headed your way in April.
  3. Remind you to get your pictures and stories in for #tassievorefeast week by the 31st of March to be in the running for an opportunity to feast at the Living Local Feast in Hobart or at Stonesthrow restaurant in Launceston.

we also have a couple of feature ingredients (including a recipe) and a snippet about Teros who have donated the prize for our wrap up survey.

Winners for #tassievorebusiness

Winner of the nights accommodation at the lovely Stanton B and B was Melissa Thurling

The Paleo providore vegetable box was won by Tanya Murray.

Ingrid Blake won the day time food granola.

Well done all!

What do you think of the Tassievore Eat Local Challenge?

We will be sending out a survey in April to find out all your Tassievore related ponderings – we want to know what you’ve loved, what you think we could do better or differently and even what made your eyes glaze over.

teros logoWe hope the offer of a prize be a great incentive to share your thoughts with us and we are lucky enough to have a prize (to be announced) from the fabulous team at Teros in Hobart (see business focus below).

Feature ingredients: the common and the less common; tomato and Tasmanian kombu.

tomato and sea vegetable gridTomatoes are a wonderful thing to grow at home – they taste amazing and can be added to so many dishes. They can also get a little stressful if you’ve planted too many.

We thought it might be useful to offer another recipe to use up your glut (apart from passata, passata, passata): Tomato and quinoa tart.

This is a gluten-free take on the French tarte a la tomate.

If you find making tomato pasta sauce with your excess produce is more your style, here’s a novel twist: serve it on a mixture of pasta and kombu (Tasmanian seaweed). You can just throw a couple of handfuls of dried kombu (from Kai Ho) in with the pasta when you cook it and it adds some extra al-dente texture and plenty of sea-vegetable nutrients to your pasta night.

Feature business: Teros Hobart

terosIf you are wandering around Hobart then it is worth stopping in at Teros – it is chockers with products that can help you save your harvest, and reduce your impact on the planet. They have preserving jars, cheese-making kits, re-usable food wrappers, recycled baking paper, lunchboxes, cannisters and even electric bikes!

There are too many ethical and eco-friendly items to list but the good news is that they will soon have an online shop for you to peruse at leisure.

If you are in the south Teros also runs workshops – they have a cheese-making session coming up on May 3rd (sign up for their newsletter to be kept up to date).


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