Get amongst it Tassievores – send us a happy snap!

tassievore poster-1tassievore poster-2

It’s less than two weeks until the Tassievore Eat Local Challenge is on again (the month of March) and there are plenty of ways that you can get involved. We will be promoting the following four challenges throughout Tassievore month:

  • Try something new (a new Tasmanian product or growing a new vegetable or fruit or even visiting your local farmers market for the first time -it’s up to you)
  • Support local businesses (shop at Tasmanian owned businesses for the week)
  • Tasmanian Fruit and Veg (eat only Tasmanian grown fruit and vegetables)
  • Tassievore Feast (host a meal featuring Tasmanian ingredients to show your friends and family how fantastic it is to be a Tassievore).

There will be spot prizes for people who post photos and stories from their Tassievore journey so stay tuned to the facebook page or send us an email. If you aren’t on facebook then you can also stay in the loop by signing up to our email newsletter (there is a button on our homepage that will take you straight to sign up).

If you want to help spread the word you can also download and print the posters at the top of this post and take a snap of you, or a local celebrity, or Tassievore friendly business and post it to facebook – we will send you free winter seeds for your efforts until we run out of stock (make sure you message us your address).

Get excited folks!



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