Ready, Steady, Start Planning for Tassievore 2014 – March is the month!

Ready, Steady, Start Planning for Tassievore 2014 - March is the month!

Join us in 2014 to support the amazing bounty that Tasmania has to offer. Being a Tassievore is all about supporting our local growers and businesses and reconnecting with our food supply. Each week in March we will set a mini-challenge for you to take part in. Or you can just try to choose more Tasmanian during March (and hopefully beyond). This is a fun and delicious challenge, so get ready!

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13 thoughts on “Ready, Steady, Start Planning for Tassievore 2014 – March is the month!

  1. Hi – I am very keen to do this challenge. My plan is to track what I eat/buy over February, as normally as possible and then take part in the challenge in March & see how the 2 months compare & probably write a couple of blog posts about my experiences 🙂

    • Sounds like an excellent idea. Many of us on the organising team did a 95% challenge last year (condiments, raising agents and the odd treat like fairtrade coffee/choc/tea) and were surprised how easy and cheap it could be. Mind you it was helpful having others doing the same thing to share shortcuts and recipes and places to source ingredients. Please share your insights if you can – facebook is easiest this time around but you are welcome to message us too.

    • Go Trish! that’s a fantastic effort. if you use facebook we would love to hear any tips or favourite ingredients/recipes. You can post directly onto our feed or send them to us in a message (or post a photo and get everyone guessing!).

    • Thanks Sherridan. It would certainly be a less life-affirming challenge without producers like you and many others around our lovely island. We are hoping to keep spreading the eat local message far and wide so all help is greatly appreciated. Pen

    • Great to have you on board! you might want to click the newsletter sign-up button on the homepage to keep updated, as we will be mostly emailing and facebooking this year (with a bit of twitter if we can keep the technology from overwhelming us!). Pen

    • That’s great to hear Vicki. Our mini-challenges are running throughout March so feel free to sign up for the newsletter or follow us on facebook. The first challenge will be ‘try something new’.

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