Food Safari – tastes of the world, made at home.

Last weekend, my friends and I get together for an activity we call ‘Food Safari’. Based on the SBS show of the same name, Food Safari is a dinner party where we pick a different cuisine each month, and all bring along a dish to share. Basically it’s an excuse to catch up, experiment with recipes we haven’t tried before, and then eat until we’re ready to burst.

This week’s Food Safari was Polish. The dishes we sampled this weekend included peirogi (fried dumplings stuffed with potato, onion and cheese), salatka z burakow (beetroot salad), golabki (cabbage rolls) and szarlotka (Polish apple cake). The highlight of the evening was a particularly potent mulled wine called grzaniec galicyjski.

 What impressed me most wasn’t just the fantastic spread of dishes (most of which I had never heard of before) but how many of these dishes were made with fruit and vegetables in season in Tassie right now! Cabbage, beetroot, potatoes, mushrooms, cucumbers and onions all featured heavily, as did apples in the dessert.

I love the huge variety of food we grow in Tasmania, and how versatile it is. I love that we can take food grown down the street and create anything from a Vietnamese salad to an Italian pizza or a Mexican tortilla. We can even make a Polish feast! 


We hope all our Team Tassievore members are enjoying autumn, and all the new season delights that the cooler weather brings. While I’m sorry to be saying goodbye to the last of the raspberries, I’m gladly welcoming back the pumpkins and the squash. Mmm soup season is upon us! 


One thought on “Food Safari – tastes of the world, made at home.

  1. This sounds a brilliant idea! my cousin’s village does safari suppers where groups move from house to house for different courses then meet somewhere for coffee… but this sounds a brilliant idea,really appeals tome! I wish I had some cooking friends to do with!

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