A week in the life of a Tassievore – Part 1

A week in the life of a Northern Tassievore

More than two months have passed since the commencement of the Tassievore Challenge –filled with eating, sharing, sourcing and growing delicious foods and drinks… and lots of fun in the process! It hasn’t even been hard work- I’m eating better now than I ever have and feeling great! But don’t just take my word for it, check out how the State-wide Tassievores have got to say as we celebrate the first two months of the Challenge .  And let us know how you are finding the Challenge, and any changes (positive or negative) that have been made to your lifestyle since commencing.


The Tassievore challenge has been such a lovely reaffirmation for me to get back to growing my own food.  I have moved my existing veggie beds from a hidden spot in the backyard to a place right outside my kitchen. Now I get to see every little thing that happens, and no excuses to not go and potter! It has also allowed me to get to know my local cafe owners a little better – such a great opportunity for them to promote their locavore dishes to everyone – so many cafes use local produce here on the North West, they just keep it a secret!



Spending large amounts of time overseas for work during the Challenge I am loving being back in Tassie (particularly given it is summer) and foraging for Tassie fresh foods. I’ve developed a (un)healthy addiction to cooking TV shows and gardening books and fancy myself a bit of a Masterchef  or Nigella as a I cook up interesting dishes from whatever vegies I can find in the garden mixed with the produce from the Launceston Harvest markets.  Evenings – thankyou daylight savings – I get to spend in the garden.  It’s quite satisfying eating fresh berries while weeding and planting new vegies and harvesting dinner!  Last year our garden consisted of a few pots unsuccessfully shielded from the local wildlife, this year thanks to my partner we have a fully fenced garden with more than twenty vegies and herbs, a mini orchard. Positives from the Tassievore Challenge and eating local in general – our garden is blooming, I’ve learnt so much about growing and local produce and I am even more thankful to live in Tassie where we have so much variety to eat and drink! We’ve met so many of our neighbours now –the horse manure man and his son, the lemon lady and the free range egg family just to name a few.  The only negative so far, the extra time taken to drive to and from Hobart with detours at farm gate markets and Oatlands to stock up on produce! Has it been hard doing the Challenge, absolutely not!

 IMG_2641 IMG_2419IMG_2648


I am a Sydneysider Tassie convert and let’s be honest…I am loving it down here! I have embarked on the Tassievore challenge by incorporating some simple changes in to my routine. On Mondays I receive my Hilbarn box which contains fresh fruits and vegetables collected from around Tassie-yum! I add to this with more fresh Tassie produce by stopping at local road side stalls, which are abundant in Tassie-trust me a real treat for a city girl! When shopping at supermarkets (yes-I am only a partial Tassievore) I always choose Tassie products in preference to other products. I also ask friends and work colleagues if they have any spare produce from their gardens that is willing to go to a good home (and stomach) aka mine! As I live far away from town my friends and I have an agreement where if one of us is heading into town we do a big shop of Tassie products for anyone who is interested. When my friends and family come to visit I always take them to establishments that support Tassie grown produce and they start to understand why I have choose to live in such a beautiful place.

IMG_2224 IMG_2150IMG_2166

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