Tassievore Day 2: I get by with a little help from my friends!

Today is my first proper day on Team Tassievore, as I was in Melbourne over the weekend and missed the Totally Tassie picnic. I also missed the farmers market on Sunday, so my fridge was very barren this morning!

It was looking like a day of bread and water, but luckily I was able to go desk scrumping* and managed to procure myself a handy little assortment of snacks for the day. A lovely crisp apple, a tub of tamar valley yoghurt and a handful of hazelnuts later, and I’ve survived the day quite happily!

I learned my first lesson for Tassievore survival today – get organised and plan ahead! I’m going to make some bircher muesli when I get home tonight, and maybe some home-made gnocchi. Yum!!

* Scrumping (verb): to steal apples from an orchard or garden. “Desk scrumping” is an urban alternative, which involves pilfering food from your colleagues’ desks.



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