Busy little Tassievores

We launch the Challenge in the South tomorrow!  We can’t wait to start walking the walk and enjoy the food we’ve been finding out about these last few months. Are we ready to get into it? Heck yes.  Are we ready to help you get into it?  Gosh I hope so!!

This week has been crazzzzzyy busy so far. We’ve met royalty (Camilla just raved about our salmon..), we’ve set up our stall at the Sustainable Living Festival (come say hi this weekend), we’ve got resources ready to go up in the ‘Where to buy’ section of our website (err technical difficulty getting them up), we’ve made food to treat you with this weekend and we’re prepping for a cooking demonstration tomorrow as well (10am tomorrow – Lunchy, Brunchy Munchy at the Cooking Corner of the Sustainable Living Festival)!  We’ve also had some amazing contact with producers and been blown away by their generosity.

So who has helped out big time so far?

The Farm Gate Market!

They’ve given us ideas, produce, inspiration and the seed cash to get the Tassievore ball rolling.

Kindred Organics (meet one of the Kindred crew at our stall this weekend)

The Picnic Basket, Harvest Feast and Ashbolt Farms have also been amazing this week too, giving up a lot of their products to support us.


Oh and the Huon Valley Mushrooms we got delivered, the Mountain River Yoghurt, Callington Mill, Gondwanaland, Leaning Tree Olives and Naked Carrot products all generously given to us this week!

We exist due to the support of the Tasmanian community – food producers and food consumers. THANKYOU ALL!!

P.s – last night’s dinner? Tassie salmon, quinoa, asparagus and eggs, with an apple crumble to finish. Suck eggs Camilla!


Note: Our team aim is to help connect you with local growers: by raising awareness of their presence and products.  Long term benefits are pretty exciting, but in the short-term we really want to make things as easy as possible for you to eat Tasmanian.

If you think we can be doing something better – let us know


6 thoughts on “Busy little Tassievores

    • Hi Nicole and Scott!

      Sorry this has taken a while to research.

      First stop – Farm Gate Market (Hobart), every Sunday morning, buy from the grower direct.
      Second stop – Aproneers in Lindisfarne would be all over this!

      Last option – we contacted Tom-Boys, they are growing Tassie toms behind glass in Bridgewater. They wont pick until the tomatoes are at their prime, should be about three weeks. They have a road-side stall on Wallace Street, Bridgewater – but if you want to buy in bulk (>10kg) it might pay to contact them direct so they can hold on to some for you.

      Want their number?

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