Confessions of a Lazy Locavore – how to eat local in 15 minutes or less

I’ll be the first to admit that I am the laziest member of the Tassievore team. I don’t have my own veggie garden for health reasons – specifically the health of the plants I would neglect and inevitably murder. I may be the only person in the whole country who managed to kill off mint, a feat that many in the horticultural industry consider impossible.


An example of the types of vegetables I am not capable of growing.

I’m also lazy in the kitchen. I also don’t spend hours lovingly creating decadent three course meals; in fact I rarely spend more than 15 minutes in there creating anything if I can possibly help it. The good news is that it doesn’t prevent me from eating local. The key to being a lazy Tassievore is being organised, and visiting the market each week to stock up on essentials such as milk, eggs, bread, fruit and veggies, and cheese. An hour on Sunday morning saves me a lot of time later in the week.


Stocking up on the “essentials” at Farm Gate

Below is a list of ideas for lazy Tassievore breakfasts, lunches and dinners that take 15 minutes or less of preparation time. The best bit is you can use whatever seasonal goodies you have lying around your fridge or pantry!


Lazy Tassievore Breakfasts:

– Fruit and yoghurt. Fresh seasonal fruit is so cheap and simple. This weekend I stewed rhubarb with apple and honey – 3 minutes of roughly chopping fruit and then it cooked down in a saucepan all by itself.

– Porridge. I make this in the microwave while I have a shower.  Callington mill oats, local milk, bung it in and away you go. Very lazy! If you add a bit of stewed fruit you can pass it off as gourmet.

– Toast. I get a loaf of bread from the Companion bakery at the market each weekend and pre-slice it and chuck it in the freezer. You can top toast with seasonal goodies like ricotta and sliced tomato, or goats curd and asparagus. What, not lazy enough? How about a spoon of honey or a dash of local preserves? Maximum laziness!

Lazy Tassievore Lunches:

– Toasted sandwiches with whatever goodies take your fancy at the market.

– Soup. Use whatever is in season, and make yourself a big pot then freeze in small portions and heat as you need it. Roughly chop a load of veggies, chuck them in a big pot and let them do their thing!

– Leftovers from Tassievore dinners. Leftover roast vegetables make an absolutely spectacular salad, and

Lazy Tassievore Dinners:

– Omelette. My boyfriend calls this meal “bachelor surprise” because it’s always a surprise what he finds at the bottom of the fridge. The possibilities are endless: mushroom, goats cheese and spinach. Smoked salmon, rocket and brie. Asparagus, parmesan and bacon. What’s at the bottom of your fridge this week?

– Stir-fry. Load it up with fresh veggies from the market for an easy and filling meal.

– Salads. The possibilities are endless! Last night I had a “chicken BLT salad” with crispy Companion Bakery sourdough croutons, Houston Farm rocket, Nichols chicken and roasted tomatoes from Farm Gate.

– Jacket potatoes. I won’t attempt to tell you which type of potato to use, because I am from Victoria and I would inevitably be sent back to the mainland for crimes against spuds. Suffice to say preparation time is nil, just chuck it on a baking tray and wander off until it’s crisp.

– Roast. I know you’re going to scoff at me about this, but in terms of time you’re actually in the kitchen roasts are really quick. Chop a load of veggies and dump them in a baking tray. Load a bit of meat on top, bang it in the oven and away you go, leaving your ingredients to fend for themselves for an hour or so.

Happy eating!

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