Street eats

Prickly pear – perfect if you like a touch of danger in your food harvesting

In the lead up to the Tassievore Eat Local Challenge I have been gradually building my portfolio of streeteats – i.e. things available to munch on my home turf. It is amazing how much you can find in your local area – especially if you have a good vegetable garden.

My favourite local food supply of late is the small boy who started up Wentworth Street Farm Inc and goes door to door selling eggs when his chooks produce too many for his family’s consumption.

He even requests that you return the egg box, which ticks my minimal waste box too.

a sign made by an enterprising young neighbour to sell his excess produce

A husband who gardens – how delightful!

Our vege garden is still a bit of a baby (in a large part due to combating our other street eaters: a large tribe of rabbits) but we have calendula and nasturtium growing happily (good for salads I am informed) and there are plenty of rosemary bushes within a couple of hundred metres (great for flavouring soups and breads). The prickly pear (pictured at top) lives in a neighbours yard and , while I am far from sold on the fruit, I am assured that the pads of the plant are a delicious addition to Mexican food. Mind you the fact that you have to cut off the spines and wash off the slime, will perhaps prevent it from featuring regularly on my family menu.

I am also keeping an eye on the trees that are flower or starting to burst into fruit – surely there will be some sweet Tassievore treats in the offing.

It has crossed my mind that in the past the street-eaters (rabbits) eating our vegie seedlings  were considered very munchable…but I can’t quite make that step yet.

Spot our fellow street eaters (or should they be on the menu??)

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