Who says Tassie lacks culture? The yoghurt saga

I have recently been buying a big bucket of fresh organic milk from the wonderful Elgaar farm and as part of my preparation for the Tassievore challenge decided to have another go at yoghurt making.
In the past yoghurt making was something of a mystery to me – it seemed like the harder I tried the less likely it was to work. But I am happy to report that since I started using powdered culture my success rate has improved immensely. Gone are the days of two good yoghurts followed by many duds – my hit rate is currently 100%! That is if I haven’t jinxed it by broadcasting over the internet…
I have even worked out that if I microwave the milk in a big glass jug, to scald it, I can avoid having to scrub milk off the bottom of my saucepans.
So with my husband Ben busy perfecting his Callington mill flour bread and me nailing the yoghurt (please don’t punish me yoghurt gods!) this Tassievore challenge looks set to be a winner!
Next we will have to brush up our gnocchi and pasta making and maybe even have a tilt at some cheese. Delish!


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