Definition: n, a condition in which an individual is afraid of a sudden and vertiginous drop off in muesli supply.

I have a confession: I am a muesli fanatic. It is my sole breakfast-foodie joy for much of the year, with the exception of porridge on those crispy winter mornings. When I travel I get unfashionably excited about muesli varieties that are available in other countries. Britain and Scandinavia are the top destinations for anyone who is interested (there must be others out there like me surely??).

So with the Tassievore challenge fast approaching I have been dehydrating apples and pears like a mad woman in order to replace my muesli staples such as dates and sultanas. I was quite content with my efforts to stave off Muesligo until I discovered that Tassie’s oat supply can be precarious. Apparently we don’t grow a huge quantity of oats and when they are used up you can sometimes wait months before the next crop is ready to steam and roll. What a terrifying scenario if the gap coincides with the Tassievore challenge!!

I am seriously considering buying a 25kg bag to store in my parents chest freezer. Then if the unspeakable happens I could be a shady oat dealer selling my supply to oat fiends at vastly inflated prices…or perhaps I could just be content in the knowledge that my breakfast of choice was still going to be available for the duration.


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