The cupboard cleanout

In preparation for the Tassievore challenge, I have begun using up all the non-Tassie food in my cupboard. As I go I’m doing a stocktake to find out how far my food has travelled to arrive at my pantry in SoHo… Here’s what I’ve found so far.

The refried beans and diced tomatoes (from Spain and Italy respectively) have taken a leisurely detour on their way to my larder, going via New Zealand. I have no idea why, but I’m sure it was a nice trip. There’s stock powder from Vietnam, fish sauce from Thailand, tea from China and jam from France. Olives from Greece, rice from Indonesia and tinned fish from Canada. The cornflour and gelatin are being coy about their travels, simply telling me they are ‘made in Australia from local and imported ingredients’. Cheeky little sods.

Colourful chocolate chips have travelled from the USA via Victoria, and the cocoa would have been produced elsewhere before it was imported into the United States. The choc chips to have ‘natural colours’ though for the life of me I cannot think of anything in nature that is neon blue, or such a violent shade of green. I mull over this while I bake a batch of choc chip biscuits (there’s no point letting them go to waste after all!)

It disconcerts me to realise my food is better-travelled than I am. MUCH better travelled. In fact in my small pantry, there are items from 18 different countries on 5 continents. I can’t decide if this is a depressing reflection on my lack of worldliness or an eye-opener to our global food system (perhaps both).

So here’s your first challenge… Get into your pantry – right in there to the back past the tins of tuna that have been propping up the shelves since 1992. Pull it all out and take a look at where your food has come from, then post the number of countries / continents your goodies have travelled from below, along with the most exotic or unexpected location you find!


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